Élan Southpark Meadows Senior Living Commuity Reviews


March, 2018

“It was tough to take him out of his home and to then drive him to Elan (South Park Meadows) and leave him there- it really felt like we abandoned him. In time, just as you predicted, he settled in and doesn’t ask to leave with me anymore. He seems to be doing quite well — mostly sleeping well, eating regular (and delicious) meals and participating in the various activities you offer. I like that he has so many people around him. I think that’s good for him as he has always been a social fella. In the beginning he was looking pretty bedraggled, but when I asked for him to have regular haircuts and eyebrow trims, you made it happen. When I asked that he be shaved regularly, partly to make him look nice but also because of the positive effect that has on his morale, you made that happen too. His room stays clean, as does his bathroom. The caregivers are kind to him and I see them being kind to other residents too. They’re also friendly and accommodating to me. You are wonderful, thank you – I appreciate that you’re always quick to respond to me — everything I ask about gets answered, every small issue I’ve brought up gets resolved. Thank you for setting up his birthday dinner in the private dining room, we all had a nice time together. I like that I’m getting more photos, both via text and via Sagely. It’s so good to see him even on the days I’m not able to visit him. I especially loved the photo of him watering the herbs you all had planted. Being outside is the best therapy, so good for the body, mind and spirit. Elan is meeting and exceeding expectations and I’m quite grateful.”