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Strumming the Sounds of a Lifetime! Jonie’s My Miracle Moment

By April 23, 2018 News

Jonie has always had a little extra pluck in his string. Truly a man of many talents and passions, his enthusiasm for music, painting, storytelling, and the wilderness holds a special place in his heart.

Known for bursting into song when he hears Hank Williams Jr. on the radio, Jonie is more than happy to join right in. His infectious love of country music invites other Hank Williams enthusiasts to sing along, truly capturing the spirit of the west he so loves.

Our Miracle Moment team at Elan Southpark decided it was time to celebrate Jonie, so under the direction of our amazing Activity Director, Laurie Green, we rounded-up a musician whose strong suit is Hank Williams music. Dressed and ready for this special occasion, our Elan Southpark residents joined in the festivities! Jonie’s family attended this Miracle Moment, enjoying the full set played to the delight of all. As children, his son recollects that music was always a part of the family fabric, with Jonie singing to him and his sister growing up. Music truly was woven into everyday life with Jonie around!

Given Jonie’s love of art, we thought it only fitting to add some of his beautiful pieces to his Miracle Moment day. His artwork lines our gallery walls, each telling its own story of special times enjoyed in the country. Jonie’s love of all things “wilderness” comes to life through his drawings and paintings, and we wanted others to know the amazing artist behind these treasures.

Now, no good cowboy is without his dog, and Jonie along with his longtime companion, Precious, are no exception. Recognizing this special relationship and bond, our Miracle Moment team presented Precious with her own gift basket, complete with all things DOG!

Jonie’s special day will surely be the subject of stories to come, and we can’t wait to hear his tales! Special thanks to Julie Latson, Laurie Green, and James Henderson for your contributions in making this Miracle Moment happen. And thank you, Jonie, for allowing us to add some good ol’ giddy-up to your special day!

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